Conservatives hate helping people

The giant elephant in the room is that Conservatives don’t want to help you. If you are a Conservative once you’re out of the womb you are on your own. Sure, Conservatives say they protect all the little babies that are unborn, but don’t give a damn about you once you are a functioning human being. They insist that the role of Government is not to help you financially but allow yourself to be buried in debt by Universities. This is a part of thinking that Government has no responsibility towards your well being accept militarily.

If Conservatives actually gave a damn about anyone after they were born they would see that Government is a tool for helping people. You do your part and pay taxes and should expect the Government to help you when you need the help. Instead, Conservatives are willing to drown minorities and poor people in debt while allowing the rich to not pay any taxes because they are just greedy. If the rich paid something in taxes in a fair society people would be able to have Government be used to help people rise up. It would be nice if Conservatives and Republicans cared for more than just their bottom line. Conservatives and Republicans are just selfish and are alright with you being in debt for the rest of your life.

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