#Conservatives should be canceled

Liberals and Progressives should only give Conservatives oxygen and not promote them by having their grievances aired on their platforms. As a former Conservative I believe that the way to a Conservative is through logic and reason and if that doesn’t work, banish them. Being a conservative today is all about what you can do for me and that approach is dehumanizing anyone who you come in contact with as a Conservative.

Even the so called Fiscal Conservative is based on greed and not helping someone else move up the ladder. If you are a Conservative you must insist on their freedom of choice and disregard the other person being able to make a decision. In the heart of every Conservative beats an authoritarian trying to break free. The recent Olympic games is a prime example. If you believed in loving America and God then you were a good athletic star in their eyes. However, if you dare to stand up for your own beliefs that aren’t affiliated with loving God and America they want you to lose the sport you are playing. These Conservatives whine about cancel culture, but are the first people to want to drown out your opinion if you disagree.

Believing in freedom is allowing other people to have a voice. Liberals and Progressives are happily willing to do that and shut you down if you do wrong. Conservatives, just want to shut you down. This is a generalization of their behavior but the examples given are not contrary on how today’s Conservative behaves. Conservatives want you to love the police but if you dare want your own protection as security, then you are wrong. Conservatives want you to own guns because it’s a right, but if you want to have Government ran health care you are destroying their freedom to pay a bill on their own. Conservatism is wrong for America. It should be weeded out.

When you give a Conservative an opportunity to speak and have their message amplified you are emboldening them. Former President Trump ran the first time and had wall to wall coverage gave him an opportunity to get his Conservative message out to enhance his Presidential chances. It may have been a grift on Mr. Trump’s behalf and still is, but he is willing to ride it into the sunset, since Conservatives are greedy.

Finally, Conservatives shouldn’t be trusted with public office. Notice all the Conservatives who are willing to prop up Mr. Trump at their own expense. Only a small handful of Conservatives are willing to be stand up to this pseudo dictator. 2022 is an opportunity for Liberals and Progressives to push the Democratic Party further. If Progressives and Liberals do not take a stand and cancel the true threat of Conservatives we have only harmed ourselves.

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