Is Former Pres. Donald J. Trump a NAZI?

In Donald J. Trump’s latest grift he is marketing cards to prove your loyalty to him. Sound familiar? This isn’t just your average grift, this is a scary path to being a card carrying NAZI. Wishing this were hyperbole doesn’t change the fact that the rhetoric and the imagery is very familiar. It doesn’t change the fact that former President Donald J. Trump wanted to override an electoral loss with his own coup at the Capital.

The media needs to start calling it what it is. Donald J. Trump is a fascist NAZI. Mr. Trump is willing to surround himself with Jews who are sharing his right wing ideology. In the Second World War the NAZI’s used selected Jews to work with them and they did, so what is the difference here? The former President had the camps for immigrants and migrants who came to this country and they were happy to violate their rights on a daily basis by separating families until it was met with public out cry. It shouldn’t have to be this way, we shouldn’t have a pseudo autocrat anywhere near being in power, yet it’s happened.

Mr. Trump is alright with police brutality, he was met with standing ovations when he insisted that the police not be so nice to the person going to jail. This is a NAZI, at the very least a pseudo NAZI if you don’t want to hurt anyone’s delicate nature. While not saying it, he probably believes that the January 6th terrorists are political prisoners. Call a spade a spade and insist that this is not just rhetoric by a leftist. When you have the proof right in front of your eyes you need to call it out. Former President Trump is a NAZI.

Haven’t we seen enough of this pseudo dictator? When is enough enough? Democratic folks need to rally against this man and his minions in Congress. A strong fight in 2022 is what will be able to cock block Mr. Trump’s sycophants from having any type of power. You should fear for where this country is headed if we don’t call out Former President Donald J. Trump for what he is. Reality is harsh, but when you use NAZI symbolism in your grift, you just might be a NAZI! Have NO DOUBT, he’s a fascist!

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