#BidenEconomy is LOOKING GREAT!

If you let a Democratic politician lead the economy booms. Only Republicans welcome great recessions and fiscal crisis’s under their watch. The credit to fixing the mess that Former President Donald J. Trump is because of tax cuts for the wealthy and ignoring a global pandemic to allow the economy to drag. While the Biden Administration may not be loved by liberals, it should be a boom to their pocketbooks. Praise should be made for getting us out of a rough spot that was blamed on Trump’s racist language of a “China Virus” when it wasn’t until the Democratic party took power did they do anything about it.

Democratic candidates now have the authority to run on a booming economy because the media has given us the numbers. The numbers are great! If Mr. Trump had bothered to give a damn when he held power, perhaps he’d be President for a second term. You can now point to the low unemployment rate of just 5.4 percent and a President who gives a damn about the Delta Variant that threatens our COVID-19 recovery. It’s nice to have numbers having your back as you go into a place where the GOP just wants to wish doom and gloom of inflation on you. The truth is the Biden economy can handle a booster shot of a big-budget reconciliation bill so the Republicans and Conservatives will pounce on it with negativity. Mr. Trump can’t handle a bi-partisan win on Infrastructure either, which seems likely.

It is up to marketing now. We have to shout from the rooftops about the great Biden Economy that President and Democratic politicians have created for the people in this country. President Biden needs to have support and praising an economy that the Republicans and Conservatives are all to happy to fret about is a way to stop the negativity. Republicans and Conservatives are not interested in anything but power and we have a tool to promote how well America is doing.

June, May, and July jobs numbers were all up. It’s a huge Democratic talking point with proof. Having the numbers to be able to promote a Biden Administration victory should be what everyone does to stop the Republicans and Conservatives to stop them from gaining power. It’s time to mobilize for victory and move forward on a Democratic agenda that helps the working people of America.

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One thought on “#BidenEconomy is LOOKING GREAT!

  • August 7, 2021 at 4:29 pm

    Now if you could just see fit to make sure each state gives a living wage for those one medicare, medicaid, or both. Could you live (rent, utilities, food) on 1075.00 a month (CO). I can’t. That doesn’t include having a car, paying insurance or anything else. I’m disabled and not able to work, believe me if I could I’d much rather be making 30,000.00 a year than be stuck in this state. I’m not saying you should raise it that much, but at LEAST minimum wage?


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