Against the COVID-19 vaccine? You might be bat shit crazy!

If you have real concerns about any vaccine that is understandable. It is only natural to want to know about what you are going to be put in your body. Asking questions about vaccines is something you should do and it’s a completely appropriate measure to take in this day and age. However, being anti-vax is bat shit crazy. Their, I said it. You are putting others at risk while you promote your own agenda. It is made clear that you don’t care about anyone else’s freedom when it comes to dealing with their body.

It would nice to believe that these people have a good heart and are only thinking of their health but then you would be lying to yourself. These people are putting others at unnecessary risk to others and making doctors and nurses go the extra mile for them because they have reasons to be anti-vaccine. Reporting about how these people behave towards getting the COVID-19 is especially disturbing. Believing that you might become a Zombie is a level of stupid that is troubling at best. At worst these people will die from their own ignorance.

The evidence becomes clear when people who were anti-vax catch COVID-19 and become evangelical about getting the vaccine. It is sad that this reported occurrence even has to happen. People seem to be willing to be lemmings going off the anti-vaccine cliff and it’s a scary thing about our society. The simple truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way. We should be winning the war against anti-vaccines. Vaccines have a history of being proven to work and you just have to look at Senator Mitch McConnell, a polio survivor to know that they work.

You would think getting hit with a high insurance bill would change these people, but that doesn’t seem to be a motivating factor at all. Let’s face it, it goes from the beginning title that and people should stand by that claim. The proof is right before you. It would be nice if we could come to these people with love, however it seems their selfishness wins out.

Let’s end this on a positive note with some information that people who are dealing with an anti-vaxxer can use on them. Studies have found that those who have taken the new COVID-19 shot have a dramatic boost in virus fighting immune cells. This should give you a pat on the back that you deserve for doing the right thing. Even if you don’t convince someone who is an anti-vaxxer the take away is that you made the right decision. You did what is best for yourself and your community. Be proud of yourself that where it counts you are not bat shit crazy.

Having genuine health issues with taking the vaccines is not the issue. The issue is the people who are willing to spread misinformation and hurt themselves and others in the process. Please consider helping your community and getting the jab for COVID-19. Don’t be bat shit crazy!

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