#DeathSantis’s goose is cooked

Gov. DeSantis has lost again in the court fighting vaccine passports. It’s fair to say the Corporation won over the Republican politician. In his latest move to be President of the United States, Mr. DeSantis is trying to stop Norwegian Cruise Line from being a responsible company and force them to follow his version of freedom. Mr. Desantis is trying to be a rising star in the GOP while simultaneously killing the people who might vote for him.

This pro-life Governor is working his way up the greasy pole while forcing his constituents to possibly get the Delta variant. Never in history has a Republican politician done so little to do so much damage to his own brand all at the same time. Rational people understand that this man is an arrogant piece of work who is willing to see how many people won’t come to Florida for his own political gain while trying to own the liberals. It’s a horrifying strategy that he has decided to go on to be the guy who fills in Donald J. Trump’s shoes.

It’s a sad day when liberals cheer on a cruise line to do better than a politician, but when this politician is only giving a damn about himself, you quickly learn who the winner should be in this fight. There is not enough public shaming in the world to make Gov. Ron DeSantis go away since he leads in the polls after Former President Trump to be the next President in the 2024 race for the Republican party. Dealing with a party that has become a death cult is a situation, but as long as this Floridian can have good poll numbers he thinks he’s on the right side of the argument.

Wishing this wasn’t the situation we are in won’t make it true. If it’s Mr. DeSantis or Mr. Trump we are learning that they will be happy to make us take a poison pill and ruin as much as they can while claiming to Make America Great Again. Only keeping them from power is the right solution. It’s sad when you are rooting for Mr. Trump to cock block Mr. DeSantis.

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