Help us monitor @FOXNEWS and @NEWSMAX and @OANN

Being just one person is tough here at FYINATION.COM. So, it’s hard to set the DVR to record and monitor all the right wing noise that happens on a daily basis. If you can help us grow we can setup to do that. We want to help get the word out about what the Conservatives are doing. The only way we can is with your help. 3 stations alone are hard to go over with just one person, so if you want to volunteer to help us please get in touch so you can help as well.

Monitoring is something we need to start doing and will do it on our YouTube page. We will be able to get out the most information to you starting this week. With your subscription you will help get the word out and help us grow. Serving the liberal community is what we do by getting the word out about the worst offenders on the right.

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