The #COVIDCULT is the Republican party

The Republicans always seem to do this. Republicans will take a broad brush and try and paint the Democratic Party as wanted to stay in a permanent pandemic. In reality, the behavior of the Republicans and Conservatives is exactly what has stopped any progress of the pandemic ends. Fox News and other Conservative outlets are more interested in talking about freedoms than people taking a vaccine.

Republicans in Congress are freaking out about the Defense Department mandating vaccines right now. Vaccines have even been known to save the life of Senator Lindsey Graham, but never mind those facts. Democratic leaders are trying to end the pandemic by getting the Delta variant to stop spreading around the country with the help of Americans getting vaccinated. The likes of Senator Marsha Blackburn will spin the pandemic as a positive for the Democratic Party to keep control.

Former President Donald J. Trump should take credit for the vaccines but won’t because President Joe Biden is in charge and he’s a petty tool. Mr. Trump is willing to give up his own popularity among his base to hurt Mr. Biden, and that is sad. Countless stories have been shown where unvaccinated folks are begging for the vaccine after they get COVID-19. These COVIDIOTS are in stock in their own narcissism which is sad.

Republicans have continually used the pandemic to score political points with their base. Republicans or Conservatives have willingly allowed people to die while pursuing political victories. The only solution is retaining control of Congress to keep these political punks ut of office.

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