Ban MTG for life on Twitter!

Twitter should take a stand against misinformation. Consequences need to be handed out that are actually meaningful. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene will probably use this twitter ban to raise money and gain more influence. This Congresswoman is playing a game. This should be a clear message to anyone in or out of power that misinformation will not be tolerated.

It should not be one set of rules on Twitter for people who are not in Congress and another set of rules for people who are not in Congress. Twitter is able to make money off of Rep. Greene and this ban in the form of clickbait. It is time that corporations canceled people like Rep. Greene and took a stand that people who think rationally will support. Twitter has no problem banning people left and right who step on Terms of Service in the slightest way and it’s time that a sitting member of Congress should be shut down.

Tell Twitter what you think about MTG and how she should get the ban just like the former President got from the platform. Twitter should stop shoving her rhetoric down our throats! A week is just not good enough anymore!

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