Insurer’s WILL deny the unvaccinated

Insurance companies don’t like risk, they like profit. When you are dealing with insurance companies they reward good behavior and not bad life choices. Anyone who is unvaccinated should get themselves ready to be denied claims when they go to the insurance company if they are unvaccinated. The insurance company is just looking for a reason to keep their money and as a true capitalist they will deny your freedom loving ass.

It is as simple as getting to the number four in math. It’s a basic concept that the insurance company that pays for your health care needs does not have your best interest at heart. They hope you make bad decisions. They are looking for a reason to yeet you as quickly as possible. So, if you decide that the COVID-19 vaccine is not for you, then expect your insurer to tell you that they don’t like your freedom.

Expect once the vaccines have full authorizations the insurance companies will be ready and won’t give one iota about your body or your choice. The bills for the unvaccinated to have freedom will be out of pocket and your freedom will be the last thing on your insurance companies mind. When you live in a capitalist system it’s the corporate way or the highway when it comes to your health care. This is what you decided was best when you didn’t want that pesky Medicare for All, so have at it! Getting denied by your insurer will not be President Biden’s fault but will be on you.

The best remedy for this situation is getting a vaccine. It will help you in the long run. If you get COVID-19 it will keep you alive, if you are insured you shouldn’t get denied because you did the right thing. Think of the vaccine as a reward for good behavior in a capitalist society.

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