Manchin & Sinema should be #BlueNoMatterWho for Biden

The Democratic Party should realize that people like AOC aren’t the issue when it comes to the Democratic Party. The real problem children are people like Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Krysten Sinema in the Senate. Democratic Progressives want to make big deals with the Democratic Party. Progressives want to grow government while governing with Centrist Democratic people in the office.

If you are looking for an enemy we have to look at the Republicans. They are like infant children who throw up their hands when they don’t get their way. It is sad to see that Sinema and Manchin seem to be willing to govern this way. They seek the biggest microphone to give you Republican talking points and get media attention to look as if they are working with the minority. Why would we work with the minority when we won the election? Senator Mitch McConnell never worked with President Obama to get his Judges through, or to raise the debt ceiling until the last minute.

Senators Sinema and Manchin are the problems. It shouldn’t be this way. We should have a party that stands unified and one or two people in that party shouldn’t be the ones who put in the monkey wrench. If these two Senators were honest brokers they wouldn’t be worried about the size of the package but the size of the win people they are supposed to govern over will have. Whatever happened to blue no matter who, President Joe Biden is the leader of the Democratic party and if we can’t go big like the Progressives want we should go with the price tag that has been settled.

In negotiations, you start high with a price that you will not get a positive answer even if you want it to the number you are willing to go to. You learn this by negotiating your allowance with your parents as a child. It is elementary-level negotiations that these two attention grabbers are not grasping. The problem is these two Senators are negotiating from the bottom of the well. When you negotiate at the bottom of the well you end up with a dry well. President Biden doesn’t deserve a dry well.

It’s sad that so many “friends” are willing to tell us that Progressives are the problem in this battle for a budget when in reality the Senators are the ones who are negotiating from behind. Progressives want to move forward in a positive direction. Rep. Cori Bush just tried to get Speaker Pelosi and President Biden to get an eviction moratorium into law. Funny how you didn’t hear a peep from Senator Manchin or Senator Sinema during Rep. Bush’s fight. The CDC ended up making a new moratorium, which the DOJ is now fighting to save in Court.

When we are supposed to be backing blue, we should be backing President Biden and what his people have negotiated out. You shouldn’t be helping the minority take back the House and Senate so you can have some temporary media gratification. The Progressive Caucus has been honest brokers about what they want to move forward and has been willing to govern.

President Biden needs to be a little more like President Johnson and remind Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema who’s party they are in. It seems these two Senators like being in the minority to damn much.

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