Rand Paul is a Quack

Time to call a spade a spade. Senator Rand Paul is just an awful human being. Like his father, he is trying to stand up for Liberty and Freedom but unlike his father it is all a grift. Nobody should be faulted for trying to make a dollar in a Capitalist society, however the way Senator Rand Paul uses his authority as a Doctor is a horrifying and creepy. He recently called for people to rise up against mask mandates, he’s on a crusade.

As a Doctor, if he were a legitimate one he should be doing no harm and here he is insisting that masks do not work. Mr. Paul’s ethics should be called into question because of his behavior in his latest videos which YouTube banned. Everyone has freedom of speech, but if you do the wrong thing, you should have consequences to that freedom and Mr. Paul got his. Companies are people, and Senator Paul would agree with that, so a Company should have every right to decide what they want on their platform. If that isn’t crystal clear at this point, I don’t know what is. When you scream fire in a crowded theater should their be no consequences? Mr. Paul is screaming fire and making money while doing it.

Rand Paul’s wife Kelley Paul has bought some shares of stock in a company. Buying shares of stock in a company isn’t inherently wrong, again, Capitalism. What is inherently wrong is that it took Senator Paul 16 months to disclose that the purchase of the stock was made. So, here we have a Senator’s wife buying stock in February of 2020 and “promptly” owning up to it with a filing today. Senator Paul will have no consequences from this, however he should. The good people of Kentucky should vote his happy ass out of office. Enriching yourself and your family during a pandemic while down playing simple things to stop a person from getting COVID-19 is doing harm.

What good is Congressional rules if they aren’t going to be followed? Should you blame Rand Paul for buying the stock, no. Mr. Paul and his wife can buy whatever stock they want. The problem arises when Senator Paul uses his authority as a Doctor to stop people from using masks to enrich his family with the purchase of this stock. Mr. Paul is betting against you and is not sincere. The Kentucky Senator has a financial gain for you to get COVID-19 with this stock purchase. Doctor Paul is doing harm. Doctor Paul is a quack!

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