FOX NEWS, NEWSMAX, AND OAN are lying about migrants spreading COVID-19

The hysteria from the likes of Sean Hannity and other pundits is deafening. These people believe that people escaping horrifying conditions because of U.S. Conditions bringing in COVID-19 is just at fault. The vast majority of migrants are wearing masks, you can’t say that about a Trump rally. Migrants crossing the border and not from India where Delta came from and Americans brought Delta to Mexico if you ask the experts at the GISAID.

The lie is to damage the image of migrants and paint these refugees as the “other”. In fact, migrants just want to be hard-working Americans and even The Daily Caller, a Tucker Carlson ran media site has found that out to be the case. A Honduran migrant is quoted as saying “work now with the help of God and give the best to my baby and wife.” So, the right-wing has to go with an infestation narrative. To stoke fear the right-wing is asking officials if they know if the Government is testing the incoming migrants and since they can’t answer in the affirmative, you can’t go with the assumption they are vaccinated.

And let’s go with the premise that they are for a moment, they should be able to get the best care and treatment in the United States that other poorer countries can’t handle because of corruption and neglect by their health systems. In the U.S. you can get the vaccine for free, if you go to the Emergency room you can get care at no cost, they won’t deny you treatment and every human being deserves health care as a human right. It shouldn’t be a case of we are going to give a damn about a person who has it only if they are crossing the border. If you go with a reality-based situation we should care about anyone citizen or not who might have COVID-19. The narrative being used here is to justify not allowing people fleeing a desperate situation to come into the country.

Pundits on the right don’t give a damn if you or a migrant actually catch COVID-19 when it comes down to it. One story they tell they are worried about your freedom to wear a mask or not. In the same breath, they are then concerned that you might catch COVID-19 from a masked migrant. If you are going, to tell the truth, they don’t care about your well-being at all.

Let’s be real, it’s the 37% of unvaccinated people who are the cause of the Delta Variant. Fox News, NewsMax, and OAN can and will continue to blame immigrants to make their audiences feel secure in their racism. They are willing to make stuff up with unverified reports and use Senators like Ted Cruz to bring validity to their claims.

The simple fact of the matter is these people are tested then sent to get the care they need. It’s not just opinion, it’s fact. Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity don’t care about the facts. These goons want to keep their racist narrative going to make their viewers feel better about not following COVID-19 guidelines properly.

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