Taliban Victory is a bag of shit for Biden

If you are in power you should get the blame for something that happens on your watch. This is true. However, if you are being honest the Taliban victory is former President Trump’s making. Be willing to base this on the fact that the GOP has removed the reason this came to pass in the first place, the Trump Peace plan. Mr. Trump has long been branded as a deal maker, a man who makes great deals. The only problem with this branding is that someone else has to clean up Trump’s mess when you look under the hood.

President Biden is left the mess of this piss poor deal that Donald J. Trump hailed as a “peace deal” with the Taliban. Biden was given a flaming bag of shit on the White House doorstep and he decided the best thing to do was put out the fire and not pick up Trump’s bag of shit. When all you can do in this situation is put out the fire, if you pick up the bag of shit, you are still stuck with a bag of shit. Women and girls will suffer the most under the new regime, and the sad reality is their own government didn’t seem ready to protect them because the momentum of the Trump Peace plan had already begun and the writing was on the wall.

The Biden Administration was given a bad situation and the blame by the Republicans who put this bag of shit on fire in the first place. In the next few months, this bag of shit that was put on fire by Trump will only matter to Democratic Party people, liberals, and some leftists who don’t take the blame Biden bait and switch. Mr. Trump should have stopped this from metastasizing when the Taliban didn’t live up even having peace talks. It was the Trump Administration pointed out in the NBC article that troops were pulled out ahead of schedule and ignoring any timetable.

It should be made clear what this is at best a badly made campaign promise by President Trump at worst this was a road for Republicans to Impeach Biden since Mr. Trump saw his own second term going up in smoke. Mr. Trump showed no interest in helping the government of Afghanistan and only pulling troops out as quickly as he could. As usual President Trump gave aid and comfort to authoritarian rulers and showed he is a fascist at heart. What the Taliban did was expected. The Taliban was always ready to take control. Any power-sharing agreement was a lost cause that was shown to be true when they proceeding negotiations without the Afghanistan Government.

Republicans scrub the peace talks on their main website and go into attack mode of a Democratic President. The GOP has been looking for something to be a scandal for them to use against this President. This bleeds and leads for the Republicans and has Impeachment in 2022 written all over it. Mr. Biden better is ready to fight for leadership of the United States because the true fight has arrived. Mr. Trump has called for Biden’s resignation in a statement, the starter pistol for all Republicans to pile on to blame President Biden for this flaming bag of shit he was given.

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