Save America & teach Critical Race Theory!

Fox Business has been going off about Critical Race Theory being used in American Express. It’s a way for the Conservatives pick sides if you dare introduce an initiative to stop being racist. Pundits on the right are trying to say businesses and students will actually learn to BE racist if Critical Race Theory is taught. The right decries at any opportunity the fact that pointing out someone who is oppressed can help someone be lifted out of that oppression. You have to be alright with oppressing someone to willingly ignore the fact that it does exist and is apart of the American fabric.

It is appropriate not to say “I don’t see color” if you are not seeing color you are lying to yourself, people have even been known to judge people if they have a “black” sounding name when hiring. Not seeing color is giving yourself permission to allow stereotypes of people in the work place. Admitting that everyone has a racial identity will allow you to understand cultural and societal differences.

Conservatives that demand you not teach Critical Race Theory in schools or businesses are being ignorant in the issue. They are probably worried that the racism they are trying to hide is part of the problem, if not the root of the problem. It is sad that Conservatives don’t want to do some self examination of themselves to grow as people. They would rather accept a racist society then prevent it from spreading like a disease.

Fox News has mentioned Critical Race Theory hundreds of times. It’s not just in the media either, right wing states have gone on to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory into law. These pundits and politicians are basically getting upset over something that is benign. CRT is a way to explain how racism exists in American institutions. It’s not a way to say all white people a racist. It’s not even saying all Conservative Republicans white people are racist, but if you ask one, they’ll say it does.

Let’s be honest, these people howling about CRT need permission to be racist. Hating on Critical Race Theory gives people against it the ability to talk down to liberals while simultaneously trying to say they support everyone because CRT is a bad thing. Conservatives will cloak their racism charge with denial and prosecution against the person pointing out problems in society that they are happy to ignore.

Police officers can’t be racist if I don’t acknowledge oppression of minorities as a person there fore I am not racist since I live in the greatest country in the world that doesn’t allow that sort of thing. Conservatives are willing to give police officer oppression misconduct because of systemic racism that is allowed to be perpetrated. It would be nice if Conservatives would self reflect, but they would rather ban the teaching of it to make themselves feel better.

Conservatives need to be able to accept that they have “white grievances” and accept they are giving their racism a pass by bashing Critical Race Theory. Trump loving folks are not victims, they are in many cases the oppressor and don’t want to admit that, so they are willing to deny American institutions having racism in it. Saying how great America is would fall apart on top of them if you admitted that racism is indeed American as apple pie.

Studying Critical Race Theory is important in business and in schools because it allows Americans to acknowledge that to be great we have work to do. Those who preach that America is a great country and greatest in the world don’t want to admit that we are have a long way to go with racism in America.

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