Jeopardy needs Mayiam Bialik full time

It’s time to hand the show Jeopardy over to a woman and that woman should be Mayim Bialik. She has been around in the television world long enough to know how not to get canceled. The best part is, Jeopardy already picked her to be a guest host. It always seemed disjointed that Mike Richards was given the job and in the wake of the comments he made and him leaving the show, Miss Bialik should be the perfect replacement for the gig full time.

Now that the show has been tarnished before it even got up and running with a new host, Jeopardy should show everyone that it can take decisive action. If Mayiam Bialik isn’t available for the job full time, a female co-host should be found immediately. The best way to get ahead of this story is to beat it back with a smart, intelligent woman just like Mayiam Bialik is.

If that wasn’t enough Miss Bialik knows how to conduct herself on a hit show. Bialik wouldn’t be intimidated by hosting a hit show where everyone is scrutinizing you, she has done that already. Jeopardy has had a rocky period since beloved host Alex Trebek passed away, it would be a way for his legacy to be able to hand the show over to someone as brilliant as she is.

Let’s hope Jeopardy does the right thing and Mayim Bialik is on board.

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