Subscribers wanted to piss off the right wing

Starting this month we will have iOS and Google Apps for you. We are waiting for them to get approved in the App stores. You will be able to take FYINATION.COM with you for free. Since we have subscribers to help us stay on the air, we can be commercial-free liberal radio. As a subscriber, you will get show prep and subscriber perks before anyone else. A bonus is keeping FYINATION.COM alive will anger the right-wing. Right-wingers want to silence us and with your help, we will keep left-wing radio alive. Starting August 30th we will have live programming from 8 am until Midnight. All commercial-free.

We will also be having people do call-in programs and everything else live on FYINATION.COM. We want to be the go-to place for people on the left. If you subscribe you get to go on the journey with us. Our product is the radio experience you get as a subscriber. It’s just $10 a month to be a subscriber and every dollar counts. We hope that you will join us today.

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