Sex work is WORK

It took only a week for Only Fans to come around and realize that the platform they had could do a deal with the banks to keeps it’s workers getting paid. A wonderful change in a narrative that is usually damming to someone who is in the sex trade industry.

People who do sex work should be given as much benefits as a legal worker in the gig economy. In general, the typical sex worker is exploited by a traditional pimp, the police, john’s, and sometimes addiction. Platforms like Only Fans are able to give sex workers a safe place and opportunity of choice when charging their clients. While these platforms are only here to make money, they should serve the people who are literally on their backs for a commission they will earn for the platform. It is not a perfect system, however, it is the best opportunity for sex workers.

Sex workers don’t get the opportunity to join a Union. Sex workers are not able to get medical or dental insurance unless they are in a country that has socialized medicine. Sex workers need to be productive in an industry that is based on how they look to make a real income. While it can be a lucrative industry, not every sex worker is going to be able to be financially independent.

Banks, who make the most off of sex workers should treat these individuals as entrepreneurs. Instead, using abuse as an excuse they make it these opportunities for sex workers to be free from platforms like Only Fans difficult. If you are an average sex worker wanting to get a credit card processor it is extremely difficult to break out as a business. A sex worker would have to go to cryptocurrency to even attempt to break in on their own. Platforms like Only Fans have a monopoly on sex work as proven by the outcry from their users and clients.

Only Fans staying in the porn market is a good thing. The company will probably see a minimal impact on it’s the bottom line after this debacle. Sex workers shouldn’t need a platform that takes a commission from them. These workers should have rights and banks should do business with them. Only Fans alone have made millionaires in the straight and LGBTQ+ communities.

People who work in the sex industry should be welcomed and not scorned. People in the sex industry shouldn’t face ridicule or jail but should face praise for giving us all pleasure at some point. Even in the Bible belt pornography is used by many people and it’s not all straight porn. When the pandemic came and people were locked down it was pornography that people turned to for comfort.

These sex workers should be treated with respect, after all, would you want your family member treated this way? Sex workers shouldn’t even be a thing, they should be workers. It should be that simple. A transaction for work is completed and the banks should act accordingly. PayPal, and Stripe should work with people in the sex industry to stop exploitation. Visa and MasterCard would have more goodwill in the industry if they worked with instead of against these people. Your average person in the sex industry is just someone trying to get the “American dream” of freedom and prosperity.

I have been a sex worker. When I was in high school I did some really stupid things in my youth for money and not thinking of the long-term consequences. While I wasn’t on the streets, I can relate to the exploitation aspect of being in this industry. I had it easy. I have worked with people and tried to start my own LGBTQ+ friendly version of Only Fans. I faced the problems of the credit card companies and banks denying my business because of being in this industry. This is very personal to me. I am not a pretty non-binary person who fits the mold of your average sex worker either. The point of me being so personal is you never know who might be in this line of work and everyone deserves respect.

Everyone in this industry should be able to make a few dollars or a million and be treated as a business owner. Sex work is dangerous on many levels and taking the stigma away from sex work is one healthy way to make the industry a safer space for those who decide to work in it.

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