Biden GOT America out of Afghanistan!

You can say what you want about his leadership and people’s will. You can say what you want about his mental stability and people will. One thing you can’t take away from President Joe Biden is that he got us out of Afghanistan. It wasn’t perfect and the pundits want to blame him for the deaths on the ground when it was I.S.I.S. that President Trump claimed to have defeated. The lasting impact of being out of Afghanistan will still be written in history. The thing that is important is that it wasn’t sustainable and say what you want about Mr. Biden is he did it when no one else would.

The U.S.A. now has an opportunity to make sure that the leaders in Afghanistan keep their promises. Mr. Biden can use airstrikes, and the military when necessary. It’s up to the U.S. now to show moral leadership in the change of government and provide a safe place for those who want to be refugees fleeing Afghanistan. People who still want to get out should be afforded every opportunity to get out and this is where NATO and its allies can forge ahead. We will have after-action reports and plenty of blame to go around. President Biden did what he could with a bad plan to start with and made sure in the wake of an epic disaster it wasn’t worse. Mr. Biden didn’t want to see more money wasted and more blood and treasure consumed in the desert. It is alright to have a somber victory lap in a war that never should have been fought in the first place

President Biden’s Administration, not Mr. Trump kept the ball rolling to have an end to this war. The only victory in this somber win is that getting us out of Afghanistan. We don’t need to have a celebration in the Rose Garden but a somber remembrance that we finally did the right thing. Hopefully, American’s won’t have to fight in another endless war like the one that President Joe Biden just ended. That you can be grateful for.

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