@BobKincaid starts at 6:00 pm Eastern then @DemocracyNow at 9:00 pm & a great interview on @RedRoadRadio at 10:00 pm ET #fyilive

The Progressive Hillbillie Elitest, Bob Kincaid starts your week off live at 6:00 PM Eastern. Bob’ll bring you Thorn in the Side Thursday so be sure to have your hockey puck handy for Head On Radio! After Bob Kincaid, it’ll be this morning’s DemocracyNow! with headlines and stories that will captivate your mind.

red-road-radio-show-logoIn this Red Road Radio episode, we visit with Vince Fontaine founder of the award-winning Indigenous band Indian City based out of Winnipeg Manitoba. Drawing their inspiration from the rich heritage of Indigenous spirit, Indian City captures it all. Replayed again at 11:00 pm ET & 6:00 AM if you missed it.

At Midnight the replay of The Thom Hartmann program will have us asking Where Did “We the People” Go? TrumpCare: How Badly Are Republicans Going to Screw Americans for Tax Cuts to the Rich? Industry Very, VERY Generous w/13 Senators Now Drafting TrumpCare and Lobbyists Have Already seen the Bill… How Karen Handel Suppressed the Vote – Greg Palast, The Best Democracy Money Can BuyWe Cannot Kill Our Way To Victory in Afghanistan – Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Non-Violence/Afghan Peace Volunteers.