@BobKincaid starts at 6:00 pm Eastern then @DemocracyNow at 9:00 pm and a POTUS historical lesson on @RedRoadRadio at 10:00 pm ET #fyilive

The Progressive Hillbillie Elitest, Bob Kincaid starts your week off live at 6:00 PM Eastern. Bob’ll bring you Friday on the front porch.  So be sure to have your hockey puck handy for Head On Radio! After Bob Kincaid, it’ll be this morning’s DemocracyNow! with headlines and stories that will captivate your mind.

red-road-radio-show-logoIn this Red Road Radio episode, we discuss Presidential Indian policy from George Washington to President Trump.  The Thom Hartmann Program at Midnight will have his Friday show replayed for you.