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A woman allegedly hit a car because of a Pro-Trump bumper sticker. An Ohio police chief dies after stealing drugs. Crypto-Currency gets allegedly hacked days after creator says it can’t be. Free samples cause drama at CostCo.

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Join Reality Check with Rory live at 4:00 pm Eastern today.  Then at 5:00 pm Eastern Some Say is back.  Tom Reynolds has a new mic and is ready to be back with you LIVE!  Don’t miss out on all the fun on Reality Check and then Some Say.  We’ll […]

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Trump has a twitter meltdown Sunday morning reliving his “win” over Hillary Clinton. Mike Pence is who the Republicans have going out for GOP rally’s now.  An Anti – Choice group is now pro Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. Trump is mad at North Korea over not keeping the deal with […]

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You don’t want to do this when a fire happens in your house. This is why you might not want to eat vegetables. The Fox News Editor was right about what Trump did in Europe. Alexandria Ocaso – Cortez has the same opponent because he’s a tool. Made famous by […]

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Will be back ASAP. Tom’s mic died and so you won’t suffer through that when we get a new mic, we’ll be on the air. Until then, we’ll have great substitute programming until we come back.

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Everything is working again and so are we.  You’ll be able to join Rory and Tom Reynolds after Reality Check with Rory Boyd at 4:00 pm Eastern. Donald J Trump has a lot of money to get ready for 2020 and he’ll win it. 3d guns are here to stay […]

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So this is what Trump meant with promises kept when it came to the Supreme Court. This is how many migrants have been reunited because of the Court order? When Republicans say they love farmers, this is proof they really don’t. Build a Bear has failed to build this sale correctly. Rick Wiles […]

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This balloon will be flying over London while Trump visits. Over the 4th of July, a brave woman protested and shut down the Statue of Liberty for Liberty. Police keep being called because people are doing things while black. Donald J. Trump is happy to give out his personal cell […]

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The Patriot Prayer folks didn’t do much praying Saturday night. Trump has a message for the opposition. John Bolton has a message about Russian and it’s not good for Europe.

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Would you return to a job you hated for a better job to hate?  Hope Hicks might. Bill Deagle responds exactly how a Conservative would be expected to respond to protests.  Over the top drama. Trump thinks wages are too high.