#FYILIVE 2 hour special 9/19/17 on demand Live monday - friday 9:00 pm

Shot & killed outside by campus police the Georgia Pride Alliance Campus President and this story has had little to no coverage since it happened.  This young lady died mysteriously after security cameras caught her wandering a Chicago hotel. Vietnam was a defining was for a generation but it seems almost forgotten, we’ll talk about why that is. If you think the GOP is dead the fundraising tally will tell you otherwise. What Happened a review and it hurts. The Senate gave the military a pony but you can’t have free college. This alleged murderer won’t be facing terror charges and you can guess why. DeVos let a public for-profit college go private, what does this mean? John Kelly’s facepalm tells you everything you need to know about Trump’s UN speech. This Mexico earthquake in central Mexico.