ISTBR: TARABUSTER – EP.15: Republicans Unveil their FINAL SOLUTION for their pesky Social Security Problem

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Hey, Wait a minute! I thought Der Fuhrer Trump made a promise not to touch Social Security and Medicare?! Naaaa… We tried to warn the suckers! Unfortunately, we ALL have to pay for their stupidity as they drag us back, past the FIRST Gilded Age straight to the Dark Ages.

Republicans unveiled their “final solution” to their pesky social security problem – or what they like to call “a permanent save” – which will cut already-insufficient benefits while – you guessed it – giving a massive tax break to the rich! Of course… it also sets up the death spiral for the USA’s most beloved and successful social program.

Sort of like how like they’re going to “permanently save” the American health care system by kicking millions off their health insurance and making Americans sicker.

As a “good Republican”, chairman of the Ways and Means Social Security subcommittee, Rep. Sam Johnson won’t rest until over 45% of Americans live their “golden years” in poverty – like it was before FDR signed the Social Security into law.

You see, Republicans aren’t happy unless they can do all they can to ensure more Americans die needlessly without access to health care and we return to the days when the primary cause of death for the elderly was hypothermia and malnutrition.

#TrumpVoterRegrets hashtag is regularly trending and Twitler hasn’t even been sworn in yet.

Join‘s Tara Devlin as we discuss the Republican mission to roll back the 20th Century.



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