ISTBR: TARABUSTER – EP.19 – Republicans Change Rules to Stop CBO from Scoring their Damage

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TOPIC: Republicans Change Rules to Stop CBO from Scoring their Damage

Republicans plot to hide the consequences of their agenda from the public they pretend to represent.  As anti-American fascists, not only are Republicans just fine that their leader, Twitler, is confirmed to be Putin’s puppet… now that they’re in charge, they’re making sure the pesky people they pretend to represent have no right to know the depths of the damage inflicted by the Republican agenda.

Rep. Keith Ellison spread the word about this latest Republican outrage, with a Tweet.

You see, Republicans have changed the rules and made it illegal for the Congressional Budget Office to let “We The People” know just how much the deficit will balloon once the “patriotic” GOP “replaces” the ACA with prayers and an early trip to Heaven.

We also discuss the GOP fascists who cultivated disunity and smeared Black Lives Matter.  They NEED Americans weak, divided, and fighting each other – especially along racial lines.  Like Vice President Henry Wallace wrote in his 1944 New York Times article on American fascists, “The American fascists are most easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact. Their newspapers and propaganda carefully cultivate every fissure of disunity, every crack in the common front against fascism.”

We’ll discuss all this and MORE!

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