Some Say #SPOOKTACULAR 2017 on demand #fyilive crew with @RealTaraDevlin & more

Trump loves the Veterans but will he listen to them? SinglePayer Now! Singer Payer forever! Mark Halprin is very sorry as things line up to dump him for the groping scandal. Bad Santa or not, the Air Force delete a tweet about Saint Nick, the War on Christmas is here! Rex Tillerson has jokes on the road. If this was “Islamic terror” it would be all over the news & Trump’s twitter. So this could be why 45 didn’t release all the documents about the JFK Assassination. Pappy Bush couldn’t keep his hands to himself, allegedly. So, that’s rich…. Or is it?  Congresswoman asks “What is Rich?” Sex, drugs, and maybe rock and roll.  Just say puff puff pass.

Has the New Yorker Cover gone too far?  What happened to that freedom of speech folks who like burning the Koran?  No audit for you!  The government can’t audit the deal with Whitefish. News about Whitefish Energy just keeps getting worse & the deal they made to get to fix Puerto Rico’s power. Pinky swears for contraception? Clock Boy got a settlement with The Blaze and Glenn Beck. Never taking personal responsibility the White House blames Puerto Rico for the Whitefish Energy scandal.