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We understand that not everyone wants to be a subscriber. While we offer one day subscriptions at $2 and a Motivator Subscription at $10 you may not want to do that. It’s fine! We believe that you can give us what FYINATION.COM is worth to you as a product. Just give us a tip in the Tip Jar. Any tip above $50 will get a year subscribership included.

FYINATION.COM is a product. Our talented hosts are able to give you liberal talk radio because you help us stay on the air. When you support FYINATION.COM you are supporting liberals, progressives, leftists and those who wish to see America go in the right direction. With your help we will stay commercial free. We want to bring you APPS for the iOS & Android phone but that costs money. It is finally here because people stepped up to the plate. Being a business we rely on people who see this as a product. If you think we are worth your support, we appreciate it in advance. The Tip Jar uses Stripe instead of Pay Pal so you have an alternative way to pay us as well.

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