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PayPal clamps down on Alex Jones. Cop kills himself as the Feds close in. Obama gets a sweet deal for his Presidential library in Chicago. Is this how we cheat out of a drug test now? A right-wing Christian claims straights don’t have oral sex. Micheal Moore threatens to move to […]

@YOUDONTSAYFYI starts at 8:00 pm Eastern on @FYINATION #fyilive

Miami Herald is ok with a woman who says she was taken by aliens for Congress. RuPaul star goes too far with a rape joke and the audience reacts immediately.  Rick Scott is two languages when it comes to Trump. KFC underground tunnel is a tell-tale sign why Trump’s wall will […]

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A woman allegedly hit a car because of a Pro-Trump bumper sticker. An Ohio police chief dies after stealing drugs. Crypto-Currency gets allegedly hacked days after creator says it can’t be. Free samples cause drama at CostCo.