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In this Red Road Radio episode we discuss the delisting of Grizzlies from Endangered Species, the puzzling report by the federal judge regarding Dakota Access and members of the Canadian military reassigned for disrupting Indigenous ceremony at 10:00 pm Eastern.   Democracy Now! brings you the news & headlines commercial free at 9:00 pm Eastern. At 7:00 pm Eastern Bill Barry, retired Director of Labor Studies at the Community College of Baltimore County joins Rick to discuss the importance of remembering the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, the lessons of past organizing and workers actions are relevant for today’s worker’s struggles, and to promote the celebration of the anniversary of the start of the strike in Baltimore. Ronald Baker, BCTGM International Union Strategic Campaign Coordinator joins Rick to discuss the recent PBS Front Page documentary that focuses on the ongoing struggle of his organization’s members at Mondelez/Nabisco, the corporate greed that has a stranglehold on America’s workplaces, and pain felt by workers and communities in the wake of these corporations abandoning them for cheap exploitable labor elsewhere. Sam Berger, Senior Policy Adviser at the Center for American Progress joins Rick to discuss the latest attempt by Republicans to #RepealandReplace #ObamaCare.  With this third swing will the GOP finally sit down or do their bad ideas never run out of third strikes.

At 6:00 pm  on the  BradCast, good-ish news on several fronts. But only good-ish. That said, we’ll take what we can get these days. First up: Hackers have been stealing thousands of credit card numbers and social security numbers from Donald Trump’s hotels for months. Years, actually. But, other than that, no need to worry about his ability to oversee our nation’s cybersecurity. (Or, for that matter, the security of private voter registration data his so-called “Election Integrity Commission” has requested from all 50 states.) And so much more!