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What author Harper Lee thought about Obama before she died.  Holy Crap we still have to explain it’s not the victim’s fault when they’re assaulted! Children’s Hospital gets power back on thanks to Tesla. Logging & looting the Amazon and our climate will face the worst of it. Tom Price’s wife and Georgia’s lawmaker says that people with HIV & AIDS should be quarantinedTrump really does only get his information from FOX NEWS, not kidding! What would you do if locked in a coolerAnother Dean isn’t who they say they are. Where is the NATIONAL OUTRAGE about this Las Vegas shooting victimSeriously, Trump should be blocked from Twitter, if the can Roger Stone, they can him. Now he wants to be a Senator, Mitt’s back! A fire has been burning at a warehouse that’s become a dump for things Dupont can’t legally get rid of for more than 4 days in Parkersburg, WV.